Drupal Environment Setup

Basics of setting up your Drupal Environment.

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Ever struggled with your computer trying to do something basic? I know I have, to think of all the wasted hours trying to compile SASS, google searching weird errors on the command line, and just getting MySQL to run.

My countless hours don’t have to be your countless hours. Give up your evil non-committing ways, let go of FileZilla, stop running mysql on your local machine. Don’t run a public server at your house! It will all result in pain and agony.

If I can make the transition from doing everything the old school (hard) way to the using the latest technology SO CAN YOU!

After working with a bunch of great co-workers at Four Kitchens who were willing to share their knowledge with me, I have learned a lot. This talk will be a guided discussion of the tools I use now and why I use them. This will be in more of a round table format with everyones input valued equally.

BONUS: I setup a new computer recently and documented the commands to set the tools up.

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin
Employed as Support Engineer at Four Kitchens.

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